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IndieReview Radio Behind the Scene Internet Radio, October 11, 2014, Harry discussed the pedestriennes on the air.

BKB Limited Newsletter, October 2014 National Running blogger Creigh Kelley mentions The Pedestriennes, America’s Forgotten Superstars in his blog.

Dallas Morning News, August 23, 2014, columnist Debbie Fetterman wrote about the pedestriennes and Harry’s book.

He has been featured in the following articles during his research on The Pedestriennes: American’s Forgotten Superstars.

The Winchester Star, Friday, November 28, 2003, F.C. Lowe wrote in her article “Author Chases Ghosts”…

Harry Hall, 45, of Grand Prairie, Texas, said he “literally chases ghosts” to find material for his books. Last week, he visted Winchester in pursuit of information on a former resident of the Middletown area who is one of the subjects of his next book about “lady pedestriennes.”

The Winchester Star, Thursday, January 27, 2005, F.C. Lowe wrote in her article “Lady Walker’s Scrapbook Fills In Some Gaps”…

When Harry Hall came to Winchester in the fall of 2003 to research his book on “lady pedestriennes,” he had no idea he would find descendants of a walker not previously connected to this area. He traveled here to research Bertha Von Hillern, a former resident of Middletown, who walked nonstop for 24 hours in the late 1800s.

The Winchester Star, Tuesday, June 13, 2006, Val Van Meter Lowe wrote in her article “What Happened to Von Hillern? Author Visits Area to Seek Answers About Pedestrienne from Middletown”…

She was one of the most famous athletes of her day, and she lived some of her life in Middletown. Harry Hall is writing about her life, but he’s hoping someone will help him solve some mysteries about Bertha Von Hillern.